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Behind the scenes_Testing our prototype components

Hey guys,  

Today we want to give you a little sneak peek behind the scenes 😊   

Some of you were already able to admire a few of our first prototype components at SPIEL 23. It was also very exciting for us to see how our ideas took on a tangible form for the first time, and we learned a lot from it.   

Much to our delight, many of our assumptions were confirmed, but we still had to realize that there were some details to improve, such as dimensions, font sizes, number of tokens or the layout of the character sheets.   

Since then, we have been working hard to eliminate any flaws and inconsistencies so that we can show you the versions that are as close to the final product as possible in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.   

Below you will find a few excerpts from a recent photo shoot where some components were reviewed and discussed with selected external testers.

We hope you found this little insight interesting and are already curious to find out more 😊   

Take care and see you soon!  


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