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Hey guys,  

One of our core principles is to make it as easy as possible for experienced players and total beginners alike to get into the game experience.   

For this reason, the first version of Shards of Gods will feature 15 pre-made characters, each with their own backstory, skill tree and artwork. These can be used in any SoG adventure, although there is of course always the option to create your own characters 😊   

One of them is Rhy, a “Shadow” and member of the Shin.   


Far to the south, beyond the coasts of Mertalis and Dar’hab, travelers will find an almost impossible number of tropical islands of various sizes shrouded in a dense fog. This archipelago is popularly referred to simply as “The Misty Isles”, although some of them have individual names. Most are covered by dense jungle and tropical mountains, while a few are even dominated by active volcanoes. Only the reptilian Shin people can find their way around these areas, which are not fully marked on any map of the known world.”

“These natural conditions enable them to keep the locations of their settlements and cities a well-kept secret. In this way, the Shin also protect themselves from possible attacks and espionage. Other nations have often tried to conquer the islands but have usually failed to return or have returned without having achieved anything, as they have lost their bearings in the labyrinth of the straits or have simply not found what they were looking for. The only known city where all guests, travelers and traders are allowed is the port city of “Hospitality.” How many others there are on the Misty Isles and where they are located cannot be said by anyone who is not one of their inhabitants.   

Although the Shin live in seclusion, they are far from isolated from events outside their borders. They know how to interfere in the fate of the world like no other race, but usually without proof of it being connected to them directly. Masters in the arts of espionage, blackmail, bribery and murder, they have one of the best secret service complexes in the known world at their disposal.   

Due to their natural proximity to the sea, most of them are excellent swimmers and can dive deeper than individuals of other races. Due to their very slim physique, Shin are not very robust physically, but make up for this with speed, agility and the ability to climb very well. The tail of their reptilian nature also helps them here, making it easier for them to keep their balance. The lizard people’s sense of smell is also particularly well developed: With the help of their tongues, they are able to “taste” scents from the air and follow them over long distances. The Shin Shadows in particular make use of this by having their targets marked with a scent by a smaller, tamed lizard species, called cliff peepers, they can then follow for days. Members of this race often communicate with each other through a series of clicking sounds that allow for quick identification and social role assignment, while ensuring that outsiders do not understand. Due to their cold-blooded nature, the Shin are very dependent on the outside temperature, which is why very few of them are found in colder areas. With the help of magical amulets and similar aids, it is possible for them to keep their bodies permanently warm, but these are not accessible to everyone.”  

Rhy himself belongs to the infamous assassin order of the “Shadows” and is sent wherever there are targets that the ruling Shin Council wants to see eliminated. But although he was once fully convinced of the Council’s teachings, he is constantly plagued by doubts and haunted by memories of a past deed. Will you help Rhy find a new path or conquer the doubts on his previous path?  

In the game, Rhy has very high Perception and Dexterity. He prefers to fight with light weapons and throwing weapons (at the beginning, but you can of course always adjust your playstyle as you progress 😊). Thanks to his “Shadow Leap” ability, he can move quickly across the battlefield, and it is possible for him to gain defensive advantages with “Where there is light, there is shadow” or to even camouflage himself by cloaking himself in darkness. As Shin, he is also excellent at climbing and swimming and has a well-developed sense of smell, which gives him a bonus to Perception in this regard. 

Special mention must also be made of his pet “Rainbow”. This little cliff-peeper is also Rhys’ “Evolving Item”. What is that, you ask? Well, you’ll have to wait until our next news article for that 😛   


Until then, have a good time and see you soon!   


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