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The world of SoG

Hey guys,

We want to give you a short overview about our fantasy tabletop RPG “Shards of Gods”. This post is about the world, called Elun, where our game takes place.

In Shards of Gods, the gods have abandoned Elun, leaving behind only fragments of their divine power. These remains, known as “Shards of Gods”, instead took on the aspects of the world and nature, emotions or ideals. In a world abandoned by the divine interventions, the Shards of the Gods came to life and began to influence the destinies of all living beings.

The Shards are not mere objects; they are exceedingly powerful living beings, possessing a wide variety of forms and powers. One Shard of the Gods can embody the power of the wind, another the ideal of truth, while a third may hold the secrets of the night. These shards are powerful sources of magic and have the ability to influence the world around them. Some of them make their decisions consciously, while others follow their destiny almost unconsciously.

Most of the inhabitants of this world, whether Human, Elven, Zerkarian or other fascinating races, live in harmony with the Shards, usually unaware that they even exist. A few strive to discover their secrets and seek out the Shards to harness their power or unravel the mysteries of the world.

Which path will you choose? Will you use the power of the Shards for your own good or strive to maintain balance in this world abandoned by the gods?

Embark on an unforgettable journey into a world full of magic, myths and mysteries. “Shards of Gods is waiting for you – ready to ignite your imagination and take you to a unique fantasy world!

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