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Mad Lizard Games is a passionate and creative team specializing in the development of tabletop role-playing games

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Shards of Gods Crowd­funding

Join the Kickstarter campaign – Dive into the world of “Shards of Gods” and experience a fascinating fantasy RPG like never before.

In Shards of Gods, next to the option to create your own heroes, many other playable characters await you, whose exciting stories are waiting to be discovered.


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Game Overview

Experience captivating adventures

Fight epic battles, find powerful artifacts and explore the stories of our characters

Worldbuilding book
Map & Battlemap Books
Adventure books

About Mad Lizard Games

We at Mad Lizard Games are a passionate and creative team, specializing in the development of tabletop roleplaying games. Together we create unique and compelling worlds, characters and stories

Unique worlds

A variety of different worlds await you, each with its own wonders, peculiarities and challenges.

Your adventure

Create your own hero or choose one of our diverse Origin Characters. Experience your adventure the way you want!

A Good Time

The mixture of board game elements and traditional pen and paper mechanics offers countless hours of fun for beginners and pro players equally.

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